I am Danny Plaugher,  Democrat for Brookland Supervisor who is running to improve our community.

I am focused on constituent services.  I will make sure the potholes get fixed, the trash gets picked up on-time, and that the county is responsive to your needs and concerns. I will hold monthly meetings and attend neighborhood meetings and be out and about in the community to hear from you. Meeting with voters

I want to make sure that we continue to Invest in our Education System so that every student has access to a great education no matter where they live, and the opportunities that education can provide.

We chose Brookland for the Quality of Life, but we need continued improvements like pocket and dog parks, libraries, modern infrastructure, and walking trails. Our neighborhoods need to be safe and secure with streetlights. 

I hope that you will join my campaign and support me as our next Brookland Supervisor on November 6th! Vote Democratic to keep us moving forward.