Danny working for youPrioritize Constituent Services: Brookland deserves a Supervisor who understands the challenges all of us face, cares about those challenges, and who listens and responds. I promise you I will be available, accessible and responsive. 

I pledge to hold monthly community meetings across the district as well as be readily accessible by phone or email to assist you with any issue that may come up.

Invest in our Education System:  Brookland deserves a Supervisor who understands the importance of a good, high quality education for all of our students. We must not lose high quality, experienced teachers to other localities because they pay more, their class sizes are smaller, or they don’t have to buy student school supplies.

I will make education a priority by working with the other Supervisors to pay our teachers fairly, lower class sizes, and work to make sure they have the supplies they need to educate our children.Meeting with voters

Enhance our Quality of Life: Brookland deserves a Supervisor who will work to strengthen our quality of life. I will work to modernize our neighborhoods by investing in pocket and dog parks, libraries, walking trails and sidewalks, street lights, and modern infrastructure.

Prioritize Safe Neighborhoods: Brookland deserves a Supervisor who understands the importance of safe and secure neighborhoods across the district. Every child should feel safe playing outside. As Supervisor, I will  support our Neighborhood Watch program, invest in street lights, and make sure that we stand by our first responders.

Please join me and vote for a stronger better Brookland on November 6.